Jana Nash-Siegle

Web Application Developer


So what do you get when you hire me?

Overall I am the clay that is warmed and malleable for the right environment. I am a sponge ready to absorb the knowledge and experience swirling around waiting to be claimed and put to use. Right here is the one who doesn’t want to settle where I am but wants to reach for the next stage, to learn why things are and do it! Ready to succeed I begin as a woman with experience in working in all types of business environments; from formal business to casual business and adapts to the current atmosphere successfully. I begin with the skills to play well with others, utilizing diplomacy and teamwork in order to get goals accomplished. As well there is the willingness to work on the menial tasks in order to prove I am capable of doing more. The love of a good challenge and variety of responsibilities drives me; deadlines don’t scare me and adrenaline is the best fuel. If I know the end goal, and clear expectations; I have the initiative to do what I need to accomplish my task. I will throw everything I have into a project and it’s hard for me to stop until I am done. I’ll stay up all night working on a segment of Code that is refusing to work well until I find the error or discover the solution for the problem or need. (I drink a lot of coffee.) Mostly though, what you get is a person with a passion for building web sites/apps that clients will love.

What am I?

I am Project Management, I am Team Lead, I am a Team Player, I do handle large important clients, I am a liaison, I do software testing. One of the biggest things I have gained from my Bachelor’s Program at Full Sail is the fact that Back End development is no longer something to be afraid of. It’s a horizon I’m striving to learn more about. I want to experience it. I want to reach out and grab it by its tail, twirl it around and live it!

I am a Web Application Developer; it’s nice to meet you. Where shall we go today?


BSc - Web Development
Full Sail University



Full Sail University

October 2016

Advanced Achievement Award
Full Sail University


Course Director's Award
Full Sail University
Server Side Languages


Course Director's Award
Full Sail University
Web Standards Project



Laravel | PHP Developer
LightPoint Development

Front / Back End development of web applications. Agile Workflow and full documentation processes.


Kitchen Director
Tree of Life Church

Overall skill set of Project Management and Scheduling, vendor, employee and client relations, inventory, database management and budgeting.

AUG 2006 - AUG 2016

IT Services Acquisition
T-Manage, Inc.

Client Relations between T-Manage and Hewlett Packard employees centering around service acquisition for remote work program country-wide.

1998 - 2001

Project Management
Wayport, Inc.

Project management of new products and technological installations, as well liasion between field installers and in-house technical support and NOC. Strategy planning, issue tracking and resolution provisioning.

1996 - 1998

Database and Website Administration
United Space Alliance, Johnson Space Center

Assisted with the transition of the manifest database from Fortran into a Microsoft Access Software Application. Developed the UX design of software. Trained users on new releases and updates. Level 1 troubleshooting of IT Issues. VBA Programming and internal website development and maintenance.

1994 - 1996




Laravel | PHP



Photoshop | Illustrator


Lightning Road Biker Outreach

There was also a hidden CMS backend written from scratch using Auth0 for theAdministration Admin Area back end built to accomodate administrative and authorized user roles. Allowing authentication of each role upon login and allowing access to only certain areas dependant upon which role is logged in and prohibiting access from guests. The administrator creates the users, assigns the roles and can delete the roles. All roles had access to the image panel and pages and could upload, edit and delete images, captions and descriptions, as well as (forgotten) password reset capability.

It is also hosted on Digital Ocean where I set up the server configuration using Nginx and Laravel Forge using Git as part of the deployment workflow.

Project Colophon

design and development

LightPoint Development

A Web Development Agency focusing on helping non-profits, charities, ministries and more with their online presences.

This website will also have added to it a secure CMS | Dashboard for clients to login and keep track of their projects in real time, a chatbox to communicate with the agency during business hours and an article newsfeed with relevant articles and information.

Project Colophon

design and development


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